Frequently Asked Questions

Mundo Maya Travels - F.A.Q

Do you do ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) tours?

No, we do not do ATV tours. We are very much into eco tourism and know that this particular activity is very bad for the rain forest and its animals. It is very noisy, it disturbs wildlife, destroys millions of microorganisms, tarantulas and worms that give back nutrients to the soil. Where they do ATV tours, the birds and the monkeys go away, and the trees are damaged. The more they build ATV trails, the more damage will be done. We are very opposed to destroying wildlife and our precious rain forest, all for the sake of profit. And we know our guests will not be able to have a real experience of our wonderful environment. How can you hear the secret sounds of the jungle when noisy vehicles are drowning all of them out?

Do you have insurance?

Yes we have passenger liability for our vans.

Are your guides licensed tour guides?

Yes, our guides are licensed tour guides. I teach a portion of the course where new people are working to be licensed. Additionally, I personally train each guide to be sure the service they give for our company is superior.

Do you provide pick-up at the caves?

We do not actually do pick-ups from locations on the caves, but it's very easy for you to catch a water taxi over to the main land for tours. We suggest you use the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi, they seem to provide the fastest service. We like for you to take the first one over in the morning, and the guides will be there to meet you when you arrive. when you make contact with us, please tell us where you are staying on the caves, which hotel, resort or other lodging.

How do I join one of your tours?

Our tours are not like at Disney World or other tourist attractions, where you join up with lots of other people. We do not schedule them at a certain time with a certain itinerary. Our tours are designed for the individuals who are inquiring, and we are very flexible. Tell us what you are interested in and we will see what we can do to accommodate you?

Is there a weight limit for cave tubing?

If you can walk you can go cave tubing. We have large tubes for heavy people, 300 pounds and even more is not too large for cave tubing. Its' easier to ride on a tube than walk. Heavy people may need to go slower or have their tube carried. We are very happy to help with those things.

How many caves do you do on your cave tubing tours.

For cruise ship passengers, we do 3, the most of anyone. For other tours, we can arrange to do as many caves as the time you have allows, 5 is a good number for a long tour. We are very flexible. We love cave tubing!

How cold is the water?

The water is very refreshing, around 70 to 74 degrees, and it stays about the same year round. It's really great when you've been hiking on a warm day.

I'm sort of claustrophobic. How can you help with this?

First, if you like, you can keep your lights on and keep moving while going through a cave. Just please alert your guide as to how you feel and you will be assisted.

Is there an age requirement for cave tubing?

No, we are very happy to have a child on our tours. We have small tubes and life jackets for children, and very small children can ride on the lap of a parent, if they like. I have taken infants cave tubing before they can walk! Most of them really like it.

I cannot swim. Can I still do cave tubing?

Yes cave tubing does nor require swimming, unless you want to. Being a weak swimmer is also not a problem. You will have on a life jacket. If you inform your guide that you cannot swim, he can be sure you feel safe during the tour.